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    The 2024 IEEE International Conference on Computing and Complex Data (IEEE ICCD-2024) provides an excellent opportunity to engage in dialogues, present new ideas and share and exchange technologies and applications in multiple areas of Artificial Intelligence, Information Technology, Internet of Things, Cyber Security and Big Data. We welcome all professionals, engineers, academics, business pioneers, and industrial players worldwide to participate in this annual academic and research event. The ICCD-2024 is the premier venue for novel cognitive computing approaches including algorithms, languages system, software system, network architectures, new devices and circuits, and applications. This is an interdisciplinary conference with participation from a broad technical community, emphasizing all aspects of the computing stack.


    • Abstract Submission Date:15-Aug-2024   31-Aug-2024
    • Full Paper Submission Date:15-Aug-2024   31-Aug-2024
    • Notification of Acceptance Date:07-Sep-2024
    • Final Paper Submission Date:15-Sep-2024


    Prof. Laurence T. Yang

    Fellow of Canadian Academy of Engineering, IEEE Fellow

    Zhengzhou University, China.

    Prof.Dr. Zhen Liu

    Fellow of the Engineering Academy of Japan
    Nagasaki Institute of Applied Science, Japan.


    Prof. Jien Kato

    Fellow of the Engineering Academy of Japan, IEEE Fellow Kochi University of Technology, Japan.

    Prof. Liucun Zhu

    Fellow of European Academy of Natural Sciences, Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Ukrainian Academy of Engineering Sciences Advanced Science and Technology Research Institute, BGU.

    Prof. Dr. Jian Yang

    Nanjing University of Science and Technology, China.

    Prof. Dr. Yang Chen

    Southeast University, China.

    Prof.Dr. Jianming Shi

    Fellow of the Engineering Academy of Japan

    Tokyo University of Science, Japan.

    Prof. Dr. Changan Yuan

    Guangxi Artificial Intelligence Association

    Prof. Dr. Jian Weng, Jinan University, China

    Prof. Dan Chen

    Vice President, Beibu Gulf University.

    Prof. Dr. HongKai Xiong

    Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China.

    Prof. Dr. Junwu Zhu

    Yangzhou University, China.

    Prof. Dr Junlin Deng

    Beibu Gulf University.

    Prof. Zhongze Gu Southeast University